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2018 BACnet Golden week
——The Path to Big Data and Building IoT Forum Invitation

2018 November 12end to 16th, Beijing China

Since the SSPC-135 Committee was set up by American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in 1987, BACnet technology has become the national standard of more than thirty countries, and has been adopted by many International Standardization Organizations, such as ANSI, ISO and CEN. As an open intelligent building automation control system protocol standard, BACnet technology standard is at end-users and manufacturers’ disposal for free. BACnet standard doesn’t depend on special hardware, and has gained a tremendous success worldwide——there have been more than 1083 manufacturers using BACnet by 2018 July 18th and 52 of them are in China.

With the high development of 4C technology(computer, communication, control and Cathode Ray Tube) and the great effort to build the information superhighway globally, smart building,which is the product of Digitization, networking and informatization, starts coming into view. However, today various control functions in smart buildings become more powerful and complex, devices manufactured by different manufacturers are used in the same building. Each manufacturer develops their own proprietary communication protocols, various communication protocols and devices bring much inconvenience to the system integration and management of smart buildings, users are controlled by manufacturers for the price, increasing usage and maintenance costs. As a result, it's important and urgent to establish an open and unified communication protocol standard, and provide a plug and play environment. BACnet ,a kind of bus and communication protocol for smart buildings, with the hot topics like big data and Internet of things (IOT) technologies, has provided many efficient solutions for the building automation industry

“BACnet Golden week” was held successfully in Shenzhen and Shenzhen, and has had a wide range of effects. In order to promote BACnet better this year, and meet the development of the Chinese customers to understand the BACnet technology in the China domestic and foreign markets, to grasp the basic knowledge of BACnet protocol and BACnet equipment interoperability testing needs, BI - BACnet International, BIG-EU - BACnet Interest Group Europe and BACnet Interest Group China and Asia are united with Zhejiang Shaoxing Municipal Government, Wuxi Research Institute of Fudan University and Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University having the below full week of BACnet learning and testing event in Zhejiang Shaoxing of China during Nov.12end-16th :

Event highlights

  • The first time ever in the world this 3-in-1 event (BACnet Forum, Training & Plug-Fest) is hold. A number of international BACnet groups’ leaders and technical experts will present and share their experience. IT IS A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!
  • BACnet organization participants and speakers:
    • Mr. Andy McMillian, President of BACnet International
    • Mr. Raymond Rae, Chairman of BI Director
    • Mr. Duffy O’craven, BTL Manager
    • Mr. Bernhard Isler, Former Chairman ASHRAE SSPC 135
    • Chairman ASHRAE SSPC 135
  • Shaoxing, Zhejiang is the fourth largest city in China's intelligent building industry, with obvious geographical advantages.
  • The event will focus on the new development trends for green buildings through the lens of BACnet’s worldwide applications and the vision of BACnet global organization
  • The training & the Plug-Fest will be instructed by Mr. ZHOU Hong, Senior Engineer, BACnet and BTL expert. There will be many industry-leading participants attend, including Siemens, Delta, PCVue, Schneider, Smart IO, MEKI and so on.
  • With regards to the Chinese BACnet manufacturers, the experts will help you assess the risk and provide some guidance for developing your BACnet products, a true golden opportunity!


BACnet forum—The Path to Big Data and Building IoT for free on Nov.12th

Core topics will be connected intelligence, security in buildings, and the role of building management systems in new & existing green buildings. The forum will highlight the multi-vendor features of smart buildings.
The targeted audience is manufacturers, vendors of application, system integrators, Institutes and colleges, developers in the construction industry, real estate and building related companies. Anyone interested in BACnet can participate in this forum.

For more information, please click the Forum Time, Location and Agenda:


BACnet technology training , Nov.13th. RMB 3,000.00/person)

This training will train on Internet and BACnet security, based on the latest BACnet 2016 standard. This is a very importance and new developed item for the BACnet end users, consultants and design institutes, contractors and of course most of all is the manufacturers.

For more information, please click instructor introduction, training time, location and Agenda.

BACnet Plug-Fest

BACnet Plug-Fest, Nov. 14th to 16th. Training & Plug-Fest fee: RMB 8,000.00 per company (2 engineers max)

Notice: There will be a Plug-Fest introduction at the BACnet technology training, so all the engineers are expected to attend.
The Plug-Fest provides an opportunity for all participants to improve the interoperability of their products with those from other attending companies. Manufacturers are also able to test functionality of their BACnet implementation within a large BACnet network. You are free to choose with which BACnet controllers you test your own devices, this includes Honeywell, Siemens、Delta, Schneider Electric, PcVue, Johnson Controls.
The test is geared toward BACnet manufacturers. This test is not a conformance test and may only be used to improve your BACnet implementation.

For more information, please click the rule and regulations, time, location and Agenda.

Contact Information

  • Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute (ITEI), Technology Promotion Center
  • Contact: Shan Bo, Wang Jing
  • Tel.: +86 10 63488778/ 63405107

BACnet is the ISO international standard for building automation and control system communication, there has been a huge number of BACnet successful applications around the world, also including China.It's time for you to adopt BACnet technology into your items!

Hosted by:

  • National TC 124 on Industry Process Measurement and Control of SAC (SAC/TC124)
  • National Technical Committee 426 on Digital Technique of Intelligent Building and Residence Community of Standardization Administration of China(SAC/TC426)

Organized by

  • Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute (ITEI)
  • Wuxi Research Institute of Fudan University
  • Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University

Supported by

  • BIG-CA
  • BACnet International (BI)
  • BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU)
  • Shaoxing goverment
  • ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter


Media Partner

  • Journal of HV&AC
  • Intelligent Building